23 January 2010

Oh....gray gray winter go away!
It's the middle of winter and I have
hit the blah wall!!!!

It happens every year...not always
at the same date/month...
but I know at some point it
will wander in.

But I say...NOT THIS YEAR!

So..I am thinking of little ways
that I can add sunshine to my days!

Small fun trips, lunch with friends,
little craft projects, time with my grandson,
visiting inspiring and enLIGHTening blogs!

So goodbye winter blahs...cause here comes the SUN!

Photosource: Flickr


  1. I know what you mean, It is so miserable and grey here in England. I am longing for the spring to come, I am having a bad case of the winter blues at the moment, just wish the sun would come out and show itself, it seems to make me a different person, a some what happier one lol.. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, I Liked your pictures by the way. Emma x

  2. I am feeling it too. I bought some blueberry and blackberry starts. I also tried to focus on the crunchiness of the snow as I walked on it, rather than how much I hate the cold.

  3. Hi
    Boy can I relate!!! We haven't seen the sun here in a while and nothing in the forecast.
    Think I am going to tan...

  4. Oh I know, it starts to get really rough right about this time of Winter! That's why I throw myself into projects around the house...hopefully when the dust settles Spring will be on it's way!!

    Stay warm my friend ~

    :) T