29 January 2010

Angel on Earth

My Blake is such a beautiful child....
he always smiles...
he always laughs...
and he always loves.

One thing he usually does not do
is complain....

Blake has cerebral palsy...
and recently has begun to complain...
about his body hurting..

We have been to our regular orthopedic doctor...
we are trying some new things...
but with little results.

But a week ago....
God sent me an angel.
This angel was someone that attended a workshop
that the company I work for was presenting
for a private company...
I usually do not attend this particular workshop.

But on this occasion,
I was asked to be there....so I went. 

 I met "J" and it was almost like
I had known her forever....
and in the course of talking found out we
both have children with cerebral palsy.
After further discussion...
she shared with me a treatment
that her son was receiving from a Doctor
that is 2 hours from where we live.
To bring this story to conclusion...
she gave me the name of the Doctor
and Blake has an appointment there today!

God is everywhere...
in our thoughts,
in our hearts,
in those around us...
and he is always with us.


  1. Hello
    Your son is so beautiful and I know those smiles. He actually reminds me of my grandson Luke. As you probably know I have 2 twin grandsons with CP. They are highly disabled and are G tube fed. My daughter and I have tried many different treatments for the boys. One treatment we have been doing since they were only a year is Hyperberic Oxygen Thereapy. My daughter has a website that journals some of their struggles. www.thebrasonproject.com it is also on my sidebar. My daughter is a tiger when it comes to the boys and fights for their quality of living as you - it sounds, so any information shared is valuable. If you have any questions or are just curious please feel free to contact either her or I. They have been a blessing that has tied this family together with love. My blessings to you sweet mother of an angel.

  2. PS I made a mistake on the website...typing to fast!
    and as long as I am making corrections... I only have one set of twin grandsons :)

  3. Hi Denise,

    So sad to hear that Blake is having pain.
    Glad that you have an appointment with the Doctor and really hope that he can get the much needed help, to alleviate the pain.
    My thoughts and prayers are with your family.


  4. I admire your inner strength which clearly show through all of your posts. Blake sounds like a fantastic young man, no wonder your so proud, I wish him well x

  5. What an amazing Mom you are...a special Mom for a very special little boy

  6. Thank you everyone! Blake's appointment was wonderful!!!! When the doctor worked with Blake and was finished....he made a sigh like a sigh of relief like he felt better. It made me cry....we are going to be going there 2 times a week so the doctor can work with him. So very grateful. Thanks again...Denise

  7. Hi Denise,
    how sweet is this spot. You're really a fantastic mom and your son is soo beautiful.
    Best wishes,