27 April 2010

Instant Sunshine

I have flowers on the brain.
Flowers are like an instant
shot of sunshine for the soul.
Sweet Peas and Tulips are so lovely...
although I have many personal favorites.

I have been perusing several greenhouses
lately looking for new flower plants.
Going to them it's like being on overload...
My mind says...I want this and this and this..
Well you get the picture. 
I have been stock piling plants...
it is still a little early to plant where I live.
But come Mother's Day...
look out...I'll be on a
planting frenzy.
The sun is shining today...
and I'm feeling FAB!

Photosource: Country Living Magazine

24 April 2010

Faithful Companion

There is nothing like the comfort
of a sweet and faithful companion...
one of mine happens to be
my dog CeCe.

She is as good as it gets....
I have been under the weather
and she has been following me
around and just"has" to
be with me. She's even
wanted to be with me when I
lay down in bed....snoozing on
the pillow beside me.

For all of you animal lover's
you know what I am talking
about. They just have a way of
knowing that you need to be comforted.

I'm thankful for CeCe....
she brings me immense comfort and joy!

19 April 2010


Every girl likes a little bling....right.
I am no exception.
However....I would have to say
that my preference would be vintage.
Yes that's right....
vintage jewelry.

I think it all started when I
would visit my Grandmother
as a little girl...
She would let me play with
all of her jewelry...
and she had ALOT.
So girls how do you bling?

Photo Source: Country Living Magazine

12 April 2010

Coffee & A Little Chit Chat

I'm not sure when it started....
but I have lost touch with
friends that I truly care about...

I have been trying to reestablish
the relationships that I have missed.
I want to be a better friend.
I want to enjoy life....laugh...
embrace fun...and be around
people who want the same thing.

I spent this morning with a group
of friends that meet for coffee.
I used to do this frequently....sadly I think
it's been over a year since I did this...

It was one of the best moments I've
had in quite some time.
A little coffee, great friends and
feeling free to be me...
it was awesome!

05 April 2010

Outside Living

My husband and I have been
discussing some ideas for creating
some outdoor "rooms" for a section
of our little cottage home's yard.
Different places to gather
with family and friends...
To be surrounded by the people
we love in cozy and
welcoming spots....
Life just doesn't get any
better than that!
Photos: Country Living