14 January 2010

A few days ago I ordered some decorative
stickers from HeatherBullard.com
and today they ARRIVED!

I love giving little gifts whether it be
something that I've made by hand,
some baked goodies or
a group of little treasures I've found.

I spotted these adorable stickers and
thought they would be perfect to decorate
packages or bags along with some vintage lace, 
jewelry, buttons and many other items I have. 

I was inspired by my friend Tracey at
French Larkspur (click on her button on the right)
who at Christmas time made some adorable treasures
by recycling paper, plastic containers and other items.
She adorned them with
embellishments and turned them into
absolutely fabulous gift ideas and packages.

I have been saving all kinds of little boxes,
plastic containers and lots of other things to create some
hopefully memorable treasures
for those I love

Here's to a little creative recycling...
Thanks Tracey for the inspiration!


  1. Cute stickers, oh the possibilities!

  2. Don't you just love all of the Cavallini stickers!? I hadn't seen that particular bunch before. Looks like fun. BTW - Thanks for stopping by my little blog the other day. Hope today is a good one! - Kathy

  3. Here I've come by to say hi and I find you're writing about me and saying the usual sweet things that always make me feel so good :) I'm thrilled that I inspired you!!! Sheesh, thanks for the mention! The stickers are too cute...I have most of those stamps and I love all of them (I bought them from Heather too). Hope your week is going good my friend!!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  4. So much opportunity and fun in one little can.... :-)

    Someday I will open my big ol' amoire and use some of the bazillion things I've collected and have yet to actually use.

    Warm blessings,