08 February 2010


Sorry I haven't posted anything new....

Blake has been sick for several days
and now so am I.

Will post more when
I feel better.

Thanks for stopping by....
I hope to be able to stop by and
visit all my blog friends soon.

02 February 2010

Let's Eat CAKE!

I love cake...yes I do!
I love to eat cake, make cake...
and share cake!

There is a FABULOUS website
called Bakerella....
which I found through my friend
Federica of  Sweet As Candy
It is filled with FUN baking ideas.
And for Valentine's Day ...
they have featured this scrumptious looking
Valentine's Day Gift Box.
And guess what...
it's all made out of cake!
Yes...the whole thing is cake!
Visit Bakerella's website at
for the recipe and instructions
and make one of these
delectable delights...
Now...Let's Eat Cake!
Photosource: Bakerella