30 September 2009

Oh Autumn!

I love Autumn because...

I Get to Enjoy The Beauty of The Outdoors

I Use The Oven More And Bake Lots of Bread

I Make Yummy Comfort Food

And Wear Comfy Clothes
And Surround Myself With The Colors of Fall

Delicious autumn!

My very soul is wedded to it,

and if I were a bird I would

fly about the earth seeking

the successive autumns.

George Eliot

Photo Sources: Country Living Magazine

27 September 2009

Pumpkin Farm

I got to spent the afternoon today taking my grandson and his mama to our local pumpkin farm. It was a windy but beautiful day. This was my grandson's first trip to get a pumpkin.

He is so adorable...not that I'm prejudice or anything. He giggled alot and tried to pick up all the pumpkins that weighed more than he did. The farm has such a beautiful facility. They have so many different kinds of pumpkins and gourds. They have wagon rides. A huge corn maze and lots of activities for children. We are going to make another trip with all of my family...but today was all about Teegan. We had a wonderful time there and then went to an apple orchard to get some apples for making caramel apples. Yum!!!!!!!!!!!

I love spending time with my grandson....he is getting so big and time passes so quickly it seems. I want to take advantage of every moment I get to spend with him...I love being a grandmother...I am truly blessed.

22 September 2009

I have had the pleasure of making some new friends through blogging and one of them is Tricia from Backyard Candle Company. She is so sweet. I love her blog..and her shop...please visit her at http://www.backyardcandle.blogspot.com/ ...you will be glad that you did.

So, here's what I I am supposed to do.......

1.) Say thanks and give a link to the presenter of the award.
2.) Share "10 Honest Things" about myself.
3.) Present this award to 7 others whose blogs I find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged me.
4.) Tell those 7 people they've been awarded HONEST SCRAP and inform them of these guidelines in receiving

So here we go...

First - The day I met Tricia she gave me the inspiration I needed to start working on my wares again. Thanks Tricia! And thank you for the Honest Scrap Award! Visit her don't forget!!!http://www.backyardcandle.blogspot.com/

Second -10 Honest Things About Myself
1) I wanted to be a Doctor...went to the University of Northern Iowa to major in biology and the plan was to then transfer to University of Iowa to go to med school ....I never graduated from UNI and I am not a doctor...but this is the life I was meant to have and I am grateful.

2) I LOVE to travel...near, far, cold, warm, beach, mountains...doesn't matter! Have passport will travel!

3) Cooking is a passion of mine....especially baking!

4) The Wizard of Oz is my favorite movie of all time...I know...I know....but ever since I was a little girl this has been my favorite...I have even owned a Cairn Terrier(like TOTO) his name was Ozzie...he's in heaven now. You know Dorthy had the power all along to go home...I think we are like that we have the power to get us where we want to go...sometimes we just don't use it!
5) I used to be a Vegan....for health reasons...I didn't eat any meat any animal products...no dairy...no eggs...nothing...and rarely if ever had sugar....I had some health issues and my doctor at the Mayo Clinic strongly disapproved of my diet....soooo.....not so much anymore....but would do so again in a heartbeat if I could make it work.

6) I am a total Magazine addict...............you don't even want to know how many I have. I keep past issues....(okay I know I can't be the only one...anybody else????) I can't seem to part with them....I just like to snuggle up with them and get lost!

7) I struggle with my weight....ugh! I used to be thin (almost too thin I realize know) but am now the same weight as when I was hugely pregnant with one of my boys that was a 10lb baby and gained alot alot of extra weight. I try to remember though...and I heard this somewhere...that I am as my creator made me and if he is satisfied then so am I.

8) Project Runway....I love this show......I group of designers who have challenges in which they use their talents to compete against each other to win a grand prize.....I love it! I love to see the challenges they get...how they take a concept and make it into their vision...

9) I wear my heart on my sleeve.....

10) My hero and my greatest inspiration...my 13 year old son. My youngest son had to be delivered early (27 weeks) to save my life.....I had severe preeclampsia and my body was beginning to shut down....he weighed 1 lb 3 oz and was 12 inches long....He has cerebral palsy. He has endured so much and even through it all he is the happiest person I know! I have always said that he is my strength not my weakness. He is beautiful...inside and out!

Me and My Hero!

Now the seven people I am giving this to are.....
Tracey - http://www.frenchlarkspur.blogspot.com/
Cindy - http://www.romantichome.blogspot.com/
Debbie - http://www.curioussofa.blogspot.com/
Jeanneoli- http://www.bushelandapeck.typepad.com/
Rebecca - http://www.rebeccaforvintageliving.blogspot.com/
Donna - http://www.donna-jenkins.blogspot.com/

I am VERY new to blogging...but the blogs listed above are ones that are either creatively inspiring, were very welcoming to me into my blog world journey and/or have meaningful dialogue that touches my heart. Please visit them....I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Broken Hearted

I haven't been on for several days....One of my older sons is having some challenges in his life that he has been dealing with for quite some time....

I just couldn't bring myself to write anything...my heart is a little broken.....I won't go into the details....but it is has been very difficult for our entire family.

Please pray for him...

16 September 2009


My bedroom is my sanctuary....I LOVE to lounge in a comfy pair of pajamas in a big cozy bed with lots of pillows! I just bought a new bedding set recently...I still like it...very much in fact....but I've been looking at some awesome quilts by Pine Cone Hill. If you get a chance stop by their website http://www.pineconehill.com/ you will love it! I adore their bedding and pajamas...I carried this line when I had my shop. A little pricey but worth every single penny! Here are a few that I'm drooling over...

Photo Source: Pine Cone Hill

14 September 2009

A Little Piece of Heaven

There is a little piece of heaven on earth...and it's called Sisters Garden and Bloom. This lovely place is located in Kalona, Iowa. It is one place that I can go and be completely surrounded by the things that I love...I made my way there over the weekend.

Chippy painted furniture...vintage architecture pieces...vintage items of all kinds...pictures, linens, jewelry, one of a kind items...you name it it's probably there! I can lose myself there...and could stay there literally for hours upon hours....and sometimes I do.....

The owner, Barb, has the most magical and awe inspiring displays....she is a very sweet person and her lovely spirit shows in every square inch of the two homes that are filled to the brim with unbelievable finds.

I never walk away from there empty handed....it's a beautiful place...if you ever get the chance please go and see for yourself....and if you can't...visit her blog listed under my beautiful things....

Sisters Garden and Bloom are magical...absolutely magical!

11 September 2009

Cowboys have Come To Town

The town I live in has an annual Rodeo...this is it's 62nd year. It's a HUGE event and takes place over several days...not only are there rodeo performances but there are a number of other traditional activities that take place...pancake breakfast, parade, concerts....just to name a few. I found this picture taken of my dad, my brother and me several (I mean several) years ago during Rodeo Week. I was probably about 6-7 years old. We were all dressed up for Rodeo Parade Day...my entire family came to our house in those days. We lived on the parade route...we had breakfast together...watched the parade...had lunch and then the Rodeo performance later that day. Lovely memories of those times fill my heart and make me smile. Today I am going to buy my 1yr old Grandson his first Rodeo attire....the tradition carries on!

10 September 2009

Please Be Kind

I have never understood people who need to make slight of others. It completely escapes me why someone would choose to be cruel or slight someone for the benefit of themselves rather than having an open and welcoming heart. It isn't in my nature to behave in a way that makes someone feel badly about who they are. We are all creatures of a gracious and loving God who I believe wants us to live in love....if we are too busy judging people we have no time to love them. Please be kind....it will not only lift the hearts of others but your own as well.
Kind words can be short and easy to speak,
but their echoes are truly endless.
Mother Teresa

07 September 2009

Lake Michigan

I hope that you all had a memorable Labor Day Weekend. My family and I ended up driving along Lake Michigan in Wisconsin. It was so out of our daily life...how wonderful it felt to wander!

My favorite part of our trip was on the day after we left my family in Chicago. We left late Saturday so we drove as far as Racine...all of us were quite sleepy so we stopped there for the night. The next morning we drove toward Lake Michigan....through the town, which has some adorable shops and came to the Lake....

It took my breath away... we immediately pulled over got out and walked on the beach. There is something magical about the Lake...the sand...the birds...the wind...the sound of the waves...it's simple beauty. It filled me with the most unbelievable joy. I am in awe of how endless it felt...all life should be like that...endless, peaceful and full of possibilities....

I could not help myself. I had to stand and let the waves gently wash over my feet...I reveled in every moment and I stood there for the longest time...

We made our way up the Lake...with a stop in Milwaukee. We had lunch in the Historic Third Ward at an outdoor cafe and then went to Anthropologie. We headed north to Cedarburg, a quaint historic village, then made our way to Sheboygan. We walked along the RiverWalk and had dinner outside at a restaurant in the Harbor looking out at Lake Michigan as the sun began to set.

Adventures are wonderful...there are so many things to discover. Not just in the places you go and the things you do...but the things you find out about yourself. I never want to stop searching for all of the treasures that life holds....

May your souls be filled with peace and your mind forever in search of adventure!

04 September 2009

Adventure Weekend

My youngest son is a special needs child...he has had some anxiety about going places and was getting to the point that he didn't really want to leave our house. My husband and I started what we called "Adventure Days" in order to help him overcome some of that anxiety. We started out with day trips and have worked him up to weekends. We take him out to experience new sites, new food and have some family fun. We do have to avoid loud and overly crowded situations but he is a little more tolerant...although it just depends on the situation.... At first he wasn't too excited about all of this but much to our delight...this worked...and now when you ask him if he wants to go on an adventure he is all for it...and as a result we have had some wonderfully memorable times. So..we are packing our bags...and off we go...first stop Chicago. My husband is from Chicago and we are going to visit his sisters....then....who knows...maybe we'll stay in Chicago or head to Wisconsin perhaps Lake Geneva. One of the things I love about my husband is his since of adventure...we usually never have a particular plan...and it doesn't matter where we go...we all go there together and that's all I need.

Photo Source: Apartment Therapy

03 September 2009

Oh La La at French Larkspur

The French Larkspur has a lovely blog and a website that will make you say "Oh La La" I guarantee it. It will definitely become a frequent stop on my online perusing. It's owner has a generous spirit and is having a give away. Please stop by and wish her well on her new venture, visit her website and look at all the dreamy wares...wishing you a heart full of happiness and dreams abundant!

02 September 2009

The Joys of Autumn

I'm sooooooo happy....I love the approach of autumn....it's my favorite time of year for many reasons. One of them is that with the cooler climate I get to wear long sleeve comfy shirts and warm and cozy sweaters.......I love both and I have many...I have some favorites that have been well worn and I have some new ones that I have my eye on...I'm sure they will make their way into my closet...

I love the ruffles on this J. Jill shirt....

This rosette sweater from Ann Taylor Loft (one of my favorite stores of all time!) is to die for....

I love clothes that are feminine but not over the top...I like simplicity...mostly basic muted colors....I do wear alot of black...it's slimming effect has huge appeal!

Here's to fall and feeding my sweater addiction!