08 January 2010

Magazines and Tea Oh My!

Living in the Midwest you know there
will be winters filled with snow
and very very cold temperatures.

Well it definately has been like that.
School has been cancelled a few days
and thankfully I have a job where
I can work from home.

I have been out to go to the market
and that is pretty much it!
So the loungewear continues...

I've been drinking lots of tea and
reading through lots and lots of old magazines.
I am a magazine addict.

I have so many....

However, the madness must stop!
So I am going through my very large
collection and deciding what to keep
whether it be the whole magazine
or just pages.

So...here's to a drastically reduced
collection of inspiration!

Stay warm and happy!


  1. I KNOW, can you believe this weather! We also had some snow days. The kids are loving it. I also wanted to tell you that we have a check for you waiting to get mailed, but I can't seem to find your address. If you could give that to me, I will send it out for you.
    Have a great weekend and stay warm!

  2. I'm a magazine junkie too! I can't seem to find the time lately though to sit down and go thru them like I used to!! It's such a treat when I do...

    Except for the Jeanne d' Arc mags (and the occassional really fabulous issue of other mags), I just save pages instead of the whole mag, and keep them in an inspiration folder...otherwise I'd be drowning in magazines!

    Happy Weekend Denise ~

    :) T

  3. Hi Denise!

    There´s nothing like a good cup of tea, and a nice fresh magazine...sitting in the coach with a blanket over your legs :)
    But more often I sit with my laptop on my knee, with a cup of tea next to me..and a blanket of course hihi

    Have a nice evening!

  4. Hi Denise,

    I love my magazines too and some are just too lovely to let go.
    I have a stack of them and I must do what Tracey has said, to snip out only the pages that inspire and you want to keep.
    Stay warm and have a lovely week


  5. Lol, start ripping girl! I have been there-and now my stacks have once again accumilated...but no time right now. I find it fun but I get caught up in the articles again and it slows down the process :)
    Good luck...