03 January 2010


The New Year is here....no bells...no fireworks...no whistles.
Just me...being lazy
loungwear+chaise lounge+snuggly dogs=heaven

I have spent most of my NEW YEAR not being reflective...
mostly mindless...and you know what I don't mind it.

I don't mind a little silence in my mind for a change...
By nature I am not relaxed....I worry...I am neurotic.
Yes...yes I am...
But for the past few days I have just
let it all go....

something I plan to do a little more of....


  1. I've been trying to do that myself. We have had a very relaxing Christmas break. Spent many days in my jammies. Love that!

  2. Sounds like we are very much alike! Except, I could use a little of that silence you are experiencing :) I told my sister that's why I like white and pale grey so much...they are calming to me, in my otherwise chaotic life...and calm is something I crave!

    Happy Monday Denise!

    :) T

  3. Here I am again!
    Thanks so much darling for your kind words.

  4. Hi Denise
    Sounds like I could use a little of that around here! Since I have been back it has been hectic running around trying this and that with all this computer stuff and still no computer. I am on my laptop tonight and this one sucks...it is a trade in because my laptop died before Christmas and I miss that one. May just go out and get a new laptop!
    Hope your Christmas was good and sounds like you had a nice new year!

  5. Hello Denise,
    I like that idea, Silence!! I only wish the little voice in my head could be quiet for a few days. My husband is always telling me my biggest problem is I think to much. Enjoy the peace Emma x