03 November 2009


Ever have something happen that makes you take a real hard look at your life? Well - I'm there!  Do I have things in order if something happens to me? What is it that I am supposed to be doing? Am I doing all of the things that are important to me or am I merely thinking about them....and are those things REALLY the most important things. I do think that it is normal to feel this way in some small degree....but I have hit the proverbial wall! SMACK!

I'm having an internal "WAR"  and I think it's incredibly difficult to share my true self with my family which makes it difficult to talk about it to ANYONE. I do hide alot from my family...how I am feeling...things that have me a little on the edge and in tears....stuff like that....I don't want to burden them in any way. I am the one that takes care of everyone's boo boos...literally and figuratively....I am the glue.

I need to RELAX and sometimes it helps to

Take a scenic drive....

Take a long bubble bath....

Or a biggie...take a vacation somewhere like this...

But the one thing that gives me true relief of any kind...especially in matters of the heart is to pray....

It's the one and only thing I have that saves me from myself...the only thing that opens my heart and the one thing that can lead me home.....


  1. It's the only thing that can truly bring peace of mind and ease of heart...I'm sending a prayer up for you sweetie, that you are able to work things out for yourself. Remember, holding the little things in over and over only makes them bigger things later...try and let some of your feelings out...

    :) T

  2. Thank You so much for stopping by my Blog, and leaving such wonderful comments. Your photo's are quite nice too! I'll be back to visit again!

  3. Hello
    It is sometimes hard to share with the ones we live with and to release it to prayer is the only thing that will turn the situation around. But sometimes I need a sounding board just to bounce my thoughts off of so they don't get so magnified in my head and so my dear sister usually gets my rantings :) Even just today she got my trials and she lives a 1000 miles away. The Lord opens doors and He will for you.

  4. I am soooo glad that you are ok and feeling better! It was great to see you tonight and I am in awe of your talent! I LOVE every single one of the wall hangings. So unique and different than anything I've come across. Thank you for coming to the open house and for all of your super sweetness, that is you.
    I will be praying for you!!!