27 October 2009

Les grandes pensees viennent du coeur.

Translation - The greatest thoughts come from the heart.

In everything I do I try and listen to my heart...every decision I make in doing so proves to be the right one...my heart is a reflection of my faith....my values...my beliefs.

When I second guess myself....it usually means trouble in some way...regret...grief...anxiety...
I do struggle with this sometimes ....why is it so hard to just listen to that little voice....instead of the loud obnoxious one that drowns it out...

Living from the heart...that's where it's all at....letting love live in our thoughts, in our minds, in our actions and our words.

Here's to my heart...may it give me wings to fly.


  1. So true! Wonderful post! It's the letting love live in our actions and our words that really rings true for me...something I am definitely trying to teach my childeren...

    How's your week going? The hubby is gone on business tonight, so I think it's gonna be an early to bed for me!

    :) T

    :) T

  2. I'll toast to that!
    Glad you are feeling uplifted. And happy.
    Listening to your heart is often a good thing. Sometimes my heart gets me into trouble though. ;)

  3. You are such a sweet person and I am so glad that our paths have crossed. Can't wait to see all your goodies this weekend! Yipee!!!

  4. I knew if I stopped by I would feel better!
    You always have such thought provoking posts!
    I'm so glad you feeling better too!
    I can't wait to see goody pics! Tkae care and have a wonderful week...your friend,donna

  5. Have a hauntingly good night and Happy Halloween!

  6. A sweet and up lifting post. Sweet picture too. I like your music.