06 November 2009

The Queen is at The Backyard

I would like to start out by saying that I am so grateful for blogging. In a short period of time I have found a source of inspiration, uplifting moments and have seen how beautiful that blog friends can be.

My friend Julie...introduced me to blogging...Thanks Kitten! But it was meeting Tricia of Backyard Candle Company through her blog and ultimately going to her shop that had a HUGE impact on me. Not only did I get to make a new friend, but she made me want to create again. She is a lovely person inside and out! Well..to make a long story short...Tricia invited me to put some of my things in her shop....so I have...

This is Tricia at her Open House last night!

If you have never been to Backyard Candle Company...you are totally missing out on a great experience. The shop is filled with inspiration from top to bottom and her candles...you can't find any better! Please visit her at http://www.backyardcandle.blogspot.com/

Here is a peak at a few things...

Thank you to ALL of you for your inspiration! Here's wishing you a weekend filled with magical moments and blessings abundant! Blog friends are the BEST FRIENDS! (Tricia said that to me last night as I left and I think she is absolutely right!)


  1. I like you wall hangings, very creative. Thank You for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. It does make you feel like Christmas! It was just suposed to be a dusting-HA! Check out the new pictures I posted, (but it is very beautiful!)

  2. Aww, you are so sweet! Thank you for all of the kind words, it means so much to me! I wanted to tell you that one of the hangings sold today!!! They are so cool and people are loving them!
    p.s. I sure as heck hope I look better in person than I do in pictures.:)

  3. Tricia really is a wonderful, dear person! I think it is soooooo exciting that you are selling things in her shop...yeah for you!!! Everything is amazing sweetie, you really are talented! I'm glad you are creating again, I think it just does so much good to have a creative outlet!

    :) T

  4. Hi, I was just blog surfing and found your cute blog. I love those canvases and agree that blog friends are best friends!

  5. I love these wall art pieces!
    You are super gifted...I know how rewarding it is to have a creative voice.
    How exciting for you to have an outlet for these wonderful works of art!
    Hope you continue to think creative thoughts!

    And yes...you are so right!
    I consider my blog friends to be my best friends...Have a blessed and wonderful day...your friend, donna

  6. Hello
    Isn't it surprisingly wonderful how many friends are found here in blogland...I didn't expect such a blessing when I started this a few short months ago.
    Your wall art is wonderful and I am so glad you found an outlet for your art, you are such a talented beautiful person.