09 October 2009

Uncensored Thoughts

Have you ever been so moved by something that your emotions swirl around inside you....it swells and resonates through every fiber of your being? I get like that....there are some things that bring out this part of me. Witnessing someones selfless kindness. Music... anything from Opera to Jazz to Blues. A child's joy in the innocence of life. Awe inspiring creativity. A movie that speaks beyond words to the very heart of you...
I notice things...things that some people barely or never notice...little things...the way two people look at each other...what is said and not said....the sound of the wind while I stand with my eyes closed...laughter that is uncensored and full of life....sometimes what seems to be everything and anything.
I also see what is painful...woeful...I do notice...
What do you do with all of that....sometimes I don't know....but most of the time I am grateful for the life I have been given and I hope I use it to make a difference in some way, however small...this is my hope...


  1. WOW!!!
    What comment can one leave to such a deep and soulful statement such as this.
    I think the only response is " How blessed the people in your day to day life must be."
    I am blessed just for stopping by.

    Thank you for sharing...dj

  2. I understand this all too well. And, yes, you should be thankful. Daily. Beauty and sadness are often ignored. I hope this finds you well. :)