04 October 2009

Let's Bowl

My youngest son had a practice for Special Olympics Bowling. Our local bowling alley was destroyed by fire so the practice was held in a VERY small town close to where we live. The kind gentleman who owns the bowling alley opened up just for our group of children. The unfortunate thing was that they did not have a ramp for Blake to bowl with. He is in a wheelchair and is not strong enough to handle a bowling ball. Most bowling alleys have these but this bowling alley is small and they are used to adults bowling.
In the end it didn't really matter to us or Blake...he had a great time. He was so thrilled to be with his friends he never even gave any thought to what he wasn't getting to do. He was only concerned with what he could do.....cheer on all of his friends. I love this about him....
There isn't a day that goes by that I don't learn something from him. I have always said that I'm getting alot more from him than he's getting from me. He's selfless, positive, loving and very compassionate. His love knows no boundaries....it's endless and ever flowing.
Living and loving without boundaries...may we all have such peace.
Photo Source: flickr


  1. Your son sounds like a wonderful boy. I could probably learn a thing or two from him myself. I hope you enjoyed your weekend. :)

  2. It sounds like you have a Fantastic son! I love how often we learn the most valuable lessons from those with even a slight handicap. The truth be told it's us who are handicapped. We can't see things as they do. I'm so... glad you have your sons "lenses" to see thru. Hope you have a wonderful week...dj

  3. Beautifully said! Your son sounds like a joy and a blessing!! I hope you are having a wonderful week (almost the weekend)!!

    :) T