11 October 2009

Soup's On!

It's cold outside....and all I can think about is making soup!
There is nothing like a good pot of soup and
some crusty bread on a chilly day to warm you up!
Here are just a few of my favorite soups...

Chicken Tortilla

French Onion Soup

Roasted Tomato Soup

Farmhouse Chowder

Black Bean Soup

And the old standby....Chicken Noodle!


PhotoSource: Martha Stewart.com


  1. I'm coming to your house for dinner!!!!

  2. I think you found the prettiest pictures of soup ever! That chicken tortilla sounds delish!! My hubby loves when I make soup...scores some good points for me!

    :) T

  3. I LOVE french onion soup but have never ventured to make it. Primarily because I don't have those cute little soup pots. We made minestrone over the weekend and it made me so happy it was almost embarrassing. It's the little things. :)