19 October 2009

Blog Neglect

I have been neglecting my blog....I haven't felt well the last 2 weeks. I have been to the ER twice...diagnosis..infection in my lungs. So glad it wasn't H1N1. That would be scary!

Still on the mend..better but still having trouble with being short of breath....thank goodness for breathing treatments!

Thank you to those who left comments on my blog...I hope to visit your blogs soon and check up on all the wonderful things that are happening in your lives....

Many blessings to you all!


  1. Hello
    So sorry to hear you have been sick...sounds awful too. Nothing sends me into a panic faster then not being able to breathe-I tend to be a little clausterphobic. I hope you feel better each day and your up and running circles in record time.

  2. Hi!!!
    I'm sorry that your not feeling well! I wish there something I could do...I don't like feeling bad myself and this sounds bad!
    Hope to hear that your feeling better soon!(Maybe some of the soups from that last post) I love soup and these look great!
    Feel better..donna

  3. Don't you worry about visiting us...you just get your rest and get better! At least you know what's been keeping you down...I hate when you don't have a diagnosis for why you're feeling so crummy. Feel better soon!!!!!!!!

    :) T

  4. My son went through the same thing a month ago. I do hope you feel better soon! :)

  5. I hope you feel better quickly! I was wondering if you were still planning on bringing up some of your goodies for our Christmas open house. We will be decorating next weekend. No pressure, I know your not feeling well. Just let me know.

  6. I've been thinking about you...Sorry to hear you have been sick. Hope you are now on the mend. Hope to see you soon...:)