02 October 2009

Singing & Baking

I am busy baking away this morning...orange pound cake...soaked with an orange syrup and topped with orange glaze...mmmm....then delivering some to my good friend Julie and my parents.

I usually listen to music while I am in the kitchen...and I often sing along...be glad you are not here because I am sure my singing is horrendous. My poor little dogs even look at me strangely. But it makes me happy....today I am doing things I love to do and I'm living out loud!


  1. Hey girl! So wish I was hanging out with you in that kitchen of yours. (I'll sing with ya!) Are you going to share this recipe now that you have my attention? Sorry I have not been around much (That darn work thing.Wait till you see the pics in a few weeks!) I had to jump on my dashboard to see what's going on out here in blogland. Looks like you've been busy. take care and have a fantastic weekend...dj

  2. Can you deliver some over here, because it sounds sooooooo yummy!!!

    :) T

  3. There is nothing more fabulous then singing and baking! And I love your comment about "living out loud"! Spectacular!

  4. Have not heard..."Is this a secret family recipe type thing?"
    Let me know...it just sounds tooo yummo!
    Hope you are doing well...Have not heard from you lately...dj

  5. I need the receipe for that orange pound cake! Sounds yummy!!!! And you're a Michael Buble fan... ME TOO!