12 April 2010

Coffee & A Little Chit Chat

I'm not sure when it started....
but I have lost touch with
friends that I truly care about...

I have been trying to reestablish
the relationships that I have missed.
I want to be a better friend.
I want to enjoy life....laugh...
embrace fun...and be around
people who want the same thing.

I spent this morning with a group
of friends that meet for coffee.
I used to do this frequently....sadly I think
it's been over a year since I did this...

It was one of the best moments I've
had in quite some time.
A little coffee, great friends and
feeling free to be me...
it was awesome!


  1. Hello
    Isn't it funny how time slips by, all of a sudden a year has gone by and you can't believe it. It is nice you have a coffee clutch you can meet with and visit. Those days are gone for me. Wishing you a wonderful week

  2. Hi Denise,

    Glad that you were able to catch up with some friends for coffee and a chat.
    Sometimes in our busy life, we really do need to make the time to do things like this.

    Have a happy week

  3. Nothing beats a good old chat and a cuppa with great friends..x