24 April 2010

Faithful Companion

There is nothing like the comfort
of a sweet and faithful companion...
one of mine happens to be
my dog CeCe.

She is as good as it gets....
I have been under the weather
and she has been following me
around and just"has" to
be with me. She's even
wanted to be with me when I
lay down in bed....snoozing on
the pillow beside me.

For all of you animal lover's
you know what I am talking
about. They just have a way of
knowing that you need to be comforted.

I'm thankful for CeCe....
she brings me immense comfort and joy!


  1. Cece looks beautiful.
    I don't have a dog, my cat's are my furry best friends, I have one called Salem who when I am sad seems to know, he will come and sit on my lap and purr very loudly.
    Hope your having a lovely day?
    The sun is shinning here in good old Blighty making it feels like summer..x

  2. Hi Denise,

    Cece is adorable and I can see why she brings you much joy and happiness.
    I would so love to give her a hug.

    I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend.