27 September 2009

Pumpkin Farm

I got to spent the afternoon today taking my grandson and his mama to our local pumpkin farm. It was a windy but beautiful day. This was my grandson's first trip to get a pumpkin.

He is so adorable...not that I'm prejudice or anything. He giggled alot and tried to pick up all the pumpkins that weighed more than he did. The farm has such a beautiful facility. They have so many different kinds of pumpkins and gourds. They have wagon rides. A huge corn maze and lots of activities for children. We are going to make another trip with all of my family...but today was all about Teegan. We had a wonderful time there and then went to an apple orchard to get some apples for making caramel apples. Yum!!!!!!!!!!!

I love spending time with my grandson....he is getting so big and time passes so quickly it seems. I want to take advantage of every moment I get to spend with him...I love being a grandmother...I am truly blessed.


  1. What a sweetie!!!! Where is that pumpkin farm? We usually go to one by Donellson. Can't wait to get some cool pumpkins!
    I'm glad you were able to spend a fun day with your family!

  2. You are blessed, he's an adorable little darling!!! Nothing like their first trip to the pumpkin patch!

    :) T

  3. Sounds like an awesome afternoon! So... glad you got to spend that time with him. I love going to pumpkin patches! There is one nearby that has hot apple cider and pumpkin butter for sale. Nothing better than spending a lovely Fall afternoon with loved ones! Have a wonderful week!...dj

  4. Hello
    Your grandbaby is adorable...they are so much fun aren't they! Had my little one tonight and he has started to put sentences together and it amazes me...