12 May 2010

I am usually not a person who is envious...
that is until now....

My husband and I watched the movie "It's Complicated"
over the weekend...and well the
envy began when I saw Meryl Streep's
character in her cook's garden.
At the time I was truly mesmerized
by it's awe inspiring layout...
it's contents and well it was
unbelievably gorgeous.

Evidently my infatuation was quite
noticeable because my husband and I
visited some greenhouses this week
and he sweetly asked me if I
would like to have a garden...

I asked him whatever made you
think of that...he said..'You should
have seen the look on your face
when you saw the garden in "It's Complicated"...

He already had given thought to
where it could go and how
we could make it work...
sigh...he is wonderful.

Needless to say I will
settle for an extensive herb garden...
but next year who knows.


  1. OOOh! What a sweet man! Lucky you...
    Wasn't that the funniest movie! Loved it and I am amazed he sat and watched with you!
    Many Blessings

  2. Hi Denise,

    How neat that the movie inspired you and your husband to talk about wanting a garden.
    I hope it all goes well and you get your garden.

    Enjoy the rest of the week

  3. How wonderful Denise!!! I love to garden and was drooling over that garden in the movie too!!! I remember turning to my husband in the theater and saying, "her garden is incredible!!!" {her house wasn't too shabby either :)} I think an herb garden is the perfect way to start!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  4. Okay Girlie,
    I have to gasp as well over that movie...I loved the garden her home and the bathroom!!
    In fact that Santa Barbra life style I could really go for.

    I loved her bakery/deli what a dream life...Eeeeh! gads! what can I say more then when my daughter and I went to the movie house with friends I would poke them in there sides talking loud enough that others I am sure wanted to hush me!! I would say! "Did you see that table, the walls, don't you love the bathroom and that cute tiny window!! so girl I hear you about the things that make us drool in movies. Yo now make me want to see it again! I will have to go buy it :)

    Come for a visit and let me know what else inspires you!