25 March 2010

Bloom and Grow

Ahhhh...The sweet smell of SPRING...

There is something so magical about spring.
As everything that lie dormant over the winter
stirs from it's slumber and
awakens with a fresh and
renewed spirit...
to embrace and grow leaving
all of the past behind.

I too feel awakened...
I am ready to bloom and grow..
to sow and to share...
to love.

I am also ready to get outside too.
To work on creating my gardens....
But it struck me that I don't
have to wait...how about
bringing a little spring inside.

I am taking a small day trip with a friend
tomorrow and maybe I can find some
treasures to plant a few little
green goodies in...

I am going to be visiting my friend Tricia
of Backyard Candle Co. tomorrow.
She is having her spring open house this weekend...
if you live close please go and see her...if not
visit her blog and Etsy shop...she's FAB!


  1. Hello Denise,
    Mmm not too sure about an Orange one,haha!
    Hope you and your family are all well.
    Your son Matthews Wedding looked lovely.
    You should do a post on your Dogs.
    Hope you are having a lovely day, it has just started to pour down with rain here..X

  2. Hi Denise,

    I love that you are bringing Spring indoors and the pretty photos you have shown are gorgeous.
    Enjoy your visit to your friends and I hope that you have a wonderful time.