20 December 2009

Makin' A List

Oh...did I ever tell you how much I love
to cook and bake....well I do...very very much so.
I love food...and it loves me back just a
little too much...my middle section is proof.

I would rather have a brand new cookbook,
kitchen gadget, pot, pan or bake ware over
anything else...even jewelry! Yes...I know...
it may be hard to believe but it is true!

One of my favorite sites for online shopping is 
It is a cook/baker's dream!  

Here are a few things that caught my eye today...

Crown Porcelain Platter

Chef Hat Ramekin for Souffles.

Eiffel Tower Cookie Cutter

Spanish Paella Pan

And my biggest pick... this wood fire oven.

Well..I'm definately ordering the cookie cutter and
the chef hat ramekins for now...
the rest...I'll put them on a  list for another time.

Bon Appetit and Happy Holidays


  1. I'm with ya Denise! These are all fabulous items I would love to have!! Last year for Christmas my husband got me a large Le Creuset pot and I thought that was the best gift I had gotten in a long time (and I use it all the time)!! I hope santa brings you something fun this year :)

    I am sending you a big hug and Christmas greetings for a joyous day with your family!!!

    :) T

  2. That store is awesome. We went there when in Pittsburgh. I could have spent a fortune there. Merry Christmas Denise!

  3. Wish you a very merry Christmas! I'll be back online early January.
    Hugs & Love