17 August 2009

Time To Fly

There is something wonderfully unique about bees…Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly. What makes them so miraculous is that they fly anyway. So I say…embrace life…wear the wings you want and fly….

So…here I am flying with my Queen Bee blog wings.

I truly believe that creative people…in order for their souls to survive must create…it is as much a necessity as the air we breathe. “Soul Work” as I call it…what comes from creativity... has eluded me for longer than any other time in my life…but now I feel as though the curtains of that dark room in my mind have been flung open and I am surrounded with the most brilliant light….

So here I am to share my light…to feed my creative soul …and to fly.

1 comment:

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    Again, welcome! I will be back!